SharePoint Install Utilities Module (SPInstallUtils.psm1)

Note: Some of the cmdlets in this module require 7z.exe ( for creating self-extractable zip files.


  • Download the latest release and copy all files within the release to a folder on your hard disk
  • When required, load the install utils module using Import-Module cmdlet
This cmdlet downloads the SharePoint 2010 cmdlets from internet.
  • This cmdlet requires Internet connection to download the prerequisites.
  • This uses BITS Transfer cmdlets and hence requires that the BITS 4.0 package is installed on the system.
This cmdlet creates a pre-packaged SharePoint 2010 package with all answer files and required pre-requisites. This also creates a setup batch file to facilitate a completely automated SharePoint 2010 install.
  • This cmdlet requires 7z.exe to extract SharePoint ISO and create self-extractable zip file. You can choose to use a folder instead of ISO.
This cmdlet install a specified iFilter and makes necessary changes to the search service application
  • This cmdlet requires SharePoint 2010 snapin to be loaded before executing this.

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